The new labels proposed in the Principality are not mandatory, they are an extension of the new thermal regulations and are intended to strengthen it.
This is for building owners to be able to label new buildings or following a major renovation.

They are established as an additional objective to be achieved in terms of reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energies.
The label developed in the Principality is called "OTIMU", it has three levels of requirements, or excellences.
The labels are awarded by the DPUM on written request, providing all the documents supporting the performance of the building to be labeled.
Why label a building:
  • To guarantee the occupants that they will live in a healthy and energy-efficient place.
  • To guarantee low energy bills throughout the life of the building
  • To allow the building owner to add value to his building and enhance it financially and sustainably
Our design office offers you advice and skills to enable you to label your buildings and accompany you during the study and construction phases until obtaining the expected label.