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from project studies to operation of the building




We characterize the thermal envelopes of the buildings,
and we size their fluid installations



The project management includes all the technical operations to be carried out during the studies, works and operation of infrastructure phases, which we provide for all the fluids of new buildings or to renovate.
We can intervene on one or more phases according to the expectations and the needs of our customers.

Preliminary studies

These studies make it possible to inform the project manager about the state of the building and the feasibility of the planned operation.
They will make it possible to establish an inventory of the situation, to provide a functional analysis, and technical of the constituents of the existing building and the technical equipment exploited.

The preliminary project summary

Their purpose is to propose one or more overall solutions, indicating the technical elements proposed, to present the deadlines for completion and to examine their compatibility with the project manager's estimated budget.
In the same way this study will make it possible to check the state of feasibility of the projected works, according to their constraints of implementation.

The detailed preliminary project

This phase will make it possible to precisely define all the elements of the work program, to define the materials, the insulators, the networks (hydraulic, aeraulics, electrical), the technical installations such as the boiler rooms, the substations, the heating terminals. , etc ...
To establish definitively the estimated cost of the works, but also their operation and maintenance costs.

Project studies

These studies will specify the conditions of implementation of the works, determine the implementation, and the congestion of all the structural elements and all the technical equipments, to realize all the plans and schemas of the project, to specify the plots of the supply and evacuation of all the fluids, to establish the documents of consultation of the companies, such as the STS (special technical specifications) and the descriptive and quantitative files, to determine, also, the delays of realization of the works.

Assistance for the award of contracts

The assistance provided to the project manager for the award of works contracts is based on the works defined and accepted by the customer during the previous phases.
This operation consists of the selection of the candidates, to examine their proposals and their technical files, and possibly the variants to their offers.
Companies may be classified according to administrative and technical criteria, the final choice remaining entirely in the opinion of the customer.

Execution studies or project compliance review

This phase aims to check all the execution plans and specifications for the use of the site as well as the corresponding synthesis.
To establish the provisional schedule of execution of the works by batch or by bodies of state.
To check all the documents provided by the companies, it will be necessary to ensure that the documents they have drawn up respect the previously defined project and, in this case, issue a favorable opinion.

Monitoring the execution of works

This operation makes it possible to ensure that the execution documents as well as the works targeted and in progress comply with the provisions of the studies carried out.
To ensure that the documents to be produced by the contractor, pursuant to the works contract and the performance of the work are in accordance with the contract.
To issue all the site instructions and to draw up all the minutes necessary for the performance of the works contract, to make contradictory statements and to organize and direct the work site meetings
In addition, this phase will also make it possible to evaluate the progress of the works, to establish the situations for payment, to assist the customer in the event of disagreements with the companies.

Operations of reception.

This operation consists of providing the customer with technical assistance during reception operations but also during the guarantee period of perfect completion.
It will be necessary to organize the operations prior to the reception of works, to follow up the possible reserves, until their lifting.
To examine the disorders and malfunctions reported by the customer, to compile the file of the works executed necessary for their operation and maintenance.

Monitoring maintenance contracts during operation

In order to ensure the preventive and curative maintenance of the exploited facilities, one or more contracts are signed between the client and the company in charge of this maintenance.
Monitoring and control of these contracts can be performed regularly to ensure that maintenance operations are properly performed in accordance with contracts and that all systems and equipment are fully followed to ensure their condition and durability.

To achieve a large part of these technical operations we use software and powerful computers regularly updated and current standards.