All buildings completed before the 1st of January 2014 will undergo a thermal and energy audit.

The stated purpose of these audits is to enable occupants to achieve significant energy savings and at the level of the Principality to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These audits must be conducted by a qualified company OPQIBI 1905, ENERBAT-CORNELI thermal and fluid study office has this qualification and can provide all the technical operations related to this audit and regulated mandatory.

In case of rental or sale, the thermal and energy audit will have to be annexed to the lease or the sales contract.

This audit must be carried out at the latest:
  • January 1, 2022 for buildings completed between 1930 and 1990
  • January 1, 2025 for buildings completed between 1991 and 2013
  • January 1, 2028 for all buildings completed before 1930.
Do not delay, the Principality now offers financial assistance up to 50% of the amount of the audit (amount capped) to all owners or trustees who will conduct audits before January 1, 2022.